Decking - A Popular Home Improvement

Use decking to transform your garden and bring the freedom of outdoor living to your home. Decking can be used in various places around the home and garden.

Where do you want to build your outdoor decking?

  • traditional timber garden decking
  • porch decking
  • pool decking
  • roof decking

These are just four of the popular areas where decking can be used.

Choosing The Right Material for Your Patio Decking

So you’ve made the big decision, and your next home improvement project will be a deck large enough to double as a patio. It will help you take advantage of that yard you rarely use and make your home the site of your family's best summer parties.

It will provide a good view of the garden/ sports area/ pool that will be going in next year, not to mention, adding value to your home.

You know where you want it, how big you want it, how high you want it. The next question is, what kind of material will you choose for the patio decking?

There are a lot of factors to take into account before you choose your material. You want it to look good and provide a practical, safe surface while considering the local building codes and the environment, too. You want it to last a long time with minimum maintenance and, of course, the cost must be within budget.

Decking Material Choice

There is a wide range of choice of decking materials, and they each suit specific situations. With proper selection the decking you choose will be with you for a long time, meeting the needs of your situation. Choosing well can save you a good deal of money and headache down the road.

Wooden Decking

The natural warm color and texture of wood will complement any garden design and even the smallest of decks can enhance how an area is used. The most common traditional material for patio decking is pressure-treated wood. Statistics show that there are about 30,000,000 wood decks in America, with more being built all the time. Pressure-treated wood decking resists termites and rot and is usually made from pine or fir. Because of its popularity, the wood and its related materials are easy to find at competitive prices. It offers a familiar and attractive appearance along with its easy care.

One drawback is that wood needs more maintenance than many of the other materials, or it will begin to show its age quickly. You should be prepared to treat it with some sort of sealant at least once a season.

Other kinds of wood are available, traditional and quite attractive; red cedar, redwood and tropical hardwoods are popular for patio decking. Since they are not pressure-treated, they require more care and maintenance, but for the homeowner who has the time and money, they offer a great appearance.

Lately, composite decking has come onto the scene.  A more expensive option than the wood that it replaces, but it still uses many of the same techniques as it.  Composite decking is, in fact, partially made of wood, as it uses sawdust mixed with a binder and then is formed into the shapes of the planks and trim. In some cases, it can actually be easier to work with as the molded shapes don’t need mitering at the joints.

Other Patio Decking Materials

All woods have to be protected from the dangers of direct contact with the ground. If your deck is to be even partly at ground level, other, more resilient types of patio decking are available.

Plastic or synthetic decking is now available.

Vinyl and metal decking both only represent a very small percentage of the decking market.  In certain situations, they are the only things that will work, but in general usage they can have significant drawbacks.  For instance, vinyl can expand making it difficult to work with and maintain.  Metal is very strong and predictable, but the cost is prohibitive for most consumers and it is used mainly in commercial applications.

Concrete is a popular and versatile material, and it requires very little maintenance, can be used in the front, back or side of the home, and is remarkably attractive. Instead of concrete slabs, stamped concrete can add a dazzling effect to your home. The fresh concrete is imprinted with texture and pattern resembling stone, brick, tile, or almost anything you can imagine. Bits of gravel, granite, quartz, river stones, or the like can be added for sparkle or texture. The concrete can be dyed or painted for the splash of color you crave. Even old concrete patio decking can be updated by adding engraving and/or a colorful textured overlay.

deckingBuild and Lay Your Own Decking

While most people might not believe it to be an easy task, with proper planning and a DIY decking kit DIY decking is possible. Building and laying your own garden decking can actually be a relatively simple task.

However if you want to know how to build a deck like a professional you need expert advice and tips.









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